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IAB UK - 3D Illustration


IAB UK is the trade association for digital advertising, representing over 1,200 of the UK’s leading brands, media owners, technology providers and agency.
And they wanted to tell everybody about the mechanics of digital advertising.

We collaborated with One Rise East (UK) on the design of different abstract 3D illustrations to complement the information about digital advertising,
creating a simple, modern, visually attractive and understandable booklet.

6. Chapter 5.jpg


One Rise East created different vector illustrations to transform them into 3D, adding volume, colour, lighting and texture to the compositions.
The objective was to add life to the illustrations, and this was the result:

Pre 4-01.jpg
Pre 5-01.jpg
Pre 3-01.jpg
Pre 2-01-01.jpg
4. Chapter 3.jpg
5. Chapter 4.jpg
6. Chapter 5.jpg
2. Chapter 1.jpg
3. Chapter 2.jpg
1. COVER.jpg


No good result is achieved without the Research & Development stage.
Here we can see some of the frames extracted from the graphic explorations done for IAB UK’s project:

A_WIP 1.jpg
B_Perspective 1.jpg
B_Perspective 3.jpg
B_Perspective 2.jpg
B_Perspective 4.jpg

The booklet

And the final product, combining digital advertising data with abstract shapes and illustrations,
and achieving a high quality and visually polished result. This is the “Guide and Toolkit” IAB UK booklet:


Client: IAB UK (UK)
Creative concept: OneRiseEast (UK)
Art Direction: OneRiseEast (UK) & Hitabarity 3D
3D Design: Hitabarity 3D