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IAB Engine - Where the internet is going?

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IAB Engage 2019
The unpredictability of the Internet

IAB UK organises a yearly event, based on different conferences about advertising in a digital environment.
The “leitmotiv” of this year’s edition was:”The unpredictability of the Internet. Where is it going?”

One Rise East reached us to create a series of images and animations under the main concept of the unpredictability, using the visual metaphor of a ribbon moving freely.
Nobody can foresee how the ribbon will move. It’s possible to think about approximated predictions, but we can’t control the motion and the progress of that ribbon.
With the Internet, the situation is quite similar.

From here, we have explored different materials, shapes and colours to achieve a dynamic and ever-changing sensation.
Welcome to our interpretation of the Internet phenomenon.

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The Event - IAB Engage 2019

The Unpredictability of the Internet…in motion.


Client: IAB UK (UK)
Creative concept: OneRiseEast (UK)
Art Direction: OneRiseEast (UK) & Hitabarity 3D
3D Design: Hitabarity 3D