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3D design and animation from Barcelona.
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A Peach Made With Dreams


A dream is the place where you will find a universe made for you.
A peach is the fruit from wich you can extract the most delicious juice made by us.

We have decided to mix these two concepts to create the our new product: A peach made with dreams.


We have designed the packaging of our new product as a metaphor of a peach.
As “A peach made with dreams” is a 100% fruit juice, we wanted to preserve the same shape and colors of the peach while designing a visually attractive and practical packaging for it.


From here, we have designed a collection of images for the launching of the product, reflecting the elegance, the taste and the balance of this peach juice.


Client: Self-Promotion Project
Art direction: Hitabarity 3D
3D Design & Shading: Hitabarity 3D